Standardization of occupational health and safety in welding and related processes. This includes requirements on machines, equipment and devices and their connections in order to:

  • minimize, detect, remove and separate hazardous substances resulting from welding and allied processes;
  • protect personnel against hazards in the welding environment (e.g. radiation, noise, vibration, mechanical, optical, thermal hazards);

It also includes measuring and testing procedures e.g. extraction efficiency.

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ISO/TC 44/SC 9/WG 8   Wordless precautionary labels in arc welding and cutting (Revision of ISO 17846) - Joint with TC 44/SC 3 Grupo de trabajo
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IEC/TC 26 Electric welding IEC
ISO/TC 58 Gas cylinders ISO


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IIW International Institute of Welding ISO


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EWA European Welding Association A
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