Water transport, consulte 03.220.40
Offshore structures for seabed mining, consulte 73.100.30
Offshore structures for petroleum and natural gas industries, consulte 75.180.10
ICS Ámbito
47.020.01 General standards related to shipbuilding and marine structures
47.020.05 Materials and components for shipbuilding
47.020.10 Hulls and their structure elements
47.020.20 Marine engines and propulsion systems
Standards for internal combustion engines for general use, consulte 27.020
47.020.30 Piping systems
47.020.40 Lifting and cargo handling equipment
47.020.50 Deck equipment and installations
47.020.60 Electrical equipment of ships and of marine structures
47.020.70 Navigation and control equipment
Radiocommunications equipment, consulte 33.060
47.020.80 Accommodation spaces
47.020.85 Cargo spaces
Including tanks and tankers
47.020.90 Marine ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems
47.020.99 Other standards related to shipbuilding and marine structures