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ISO 17607-1:2023
Steel structures — Execution of structural steelwork — Part 1: General requirements and terms and definitions
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ISO 17607-1:2023
Edición 1
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ISO 17607-1:2023
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Publicado (Edición 1, 2023)

ISO 17607-1:2023

ISO 17607-1:2023
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This document defines general requirements for the execution of structural steelwork for:

     structural steel buildings;

     general structures, designed, fabricated, and erected in a manner similar to buildings with building-like load-resisting elements, e.g. support framing for equipment, tanks, vessels, and pipelines;

     crane-supporting structures;

     typical roadway and pedestrian bridges including those constructed using rolled sections, welded plate girders, or trusses (lattices).

This document applies to structures or fabricated components that are produced from:

     hot-rolled and cold-formed structural steel products up to and including a nominal yield strength of 700 MPa with a thickness of 3 mm and above;

     hot-finished and cold-formed structural steel hollow sections, up to and including a nominal yield strength of 700 MPa, including standard range and custom-made rolled products and hollow sections manufactured by welding.

This document also applies to steel components in composite steel and concrete structures, and in structures combining steel with other materials.

This document defines requirements independent of the type and shape of the steel structure, including structures subjected to fatigue or seismic loading. The requirements are expressed in terms of execution levels.

This document does not define all requirements for other types of fabricated steel structures (e.g. railway bridges, roadway and pedestrian bridges using welded box sections or arch boxes, cable-supported bridges over 100 m span, moving bridges, monorails, steel towers, masts, chimneys, silos, tanks, pipelines, antennae, offshore platforms). However, this document provides general guidance regarding fabrication and erection practices that may be used together with the appropriate ISO, regional or national design standards for such structures.

This document does not cover requirements for the following:


     fabrication of stainless steels.

This document does not apply to design of steel structures.

NOTE            Design is inextricably a part of the design-fabrication-erection sequence, including the application of tolerances, and cannot be considered in isolation.

This document is intended to be used, as appropriate, together with national standards and other documents, observing the provisions in this document concerning such use.

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  •  : Publicado
     : 2023-12
    : Norma Internacional publicada [60.60]
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  • ISO/TC 167
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