ISO 14720-2:2013
ISO 14720-2:2013

This part of ISO 14720 defines a method for the determination of sulfur in powdered and granular non-oxidic ceramic raw materials and materials, which are completely oxidized at a higher temperature in an oxygen atmosphere, e.g. carbon and graphite materials.

For materials which are not completely oxidizable under these conditions, it is possible to determine sulfur that can be released under these conditions, e.g. the adherent sulfur.

This part of ISO 14720 is applicable for materials with mass fractions of sulfur ≤ 10 % and mass fractions of ash < 20 %, The defined method is limited for materials with mass fractions of barium < 10 mg/kg, because the sulfur bonded in barium sulfate is not detectable with this method.

For the lower detection limit of this method, a mass fraction of sulfur of 0,5 mg/kg in the case of inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP/OES) and 5 mg/kg in the case of ion chromatography (IC) has to be considered as a recommended value.

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  •  : Publiée
     : 2013-03
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     : 15
  •  : ISO/TC 33 Matériaux réfractaires
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    81.060.10 Matières premières

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