ISO/CD 21815-4
Titre manque — Partie 4: Titre manque
Numéro de référence
ISO/CD 21815-4
Edition 1
Committee Draft
ISO/CD 21815-4
Examen du projet par le comité en cours.


This document defines requirements for collision warning systems (CWS) and collision avoidance systems (CAS) that address swing/rotation motion for: — earth moving machinery as defined in ISO 6165; — mobile underground mining machinery as defined in ISO 19296; and — road construction machinery as defined in ISO 22242. This document covers intended object between the ground plane of the machine and the top of the machine operator cabin. Thus this document does not cover the risk of collision with parts of the intended objects that are higher than the top of the machine operator cabin. This document does not consider machine height of working tool (e.g. hight of boom and arm). This document covers collision avoidance by motion inhibition prior to initiation of rotational motion; it does not cover avoidance by automatic application of the braking or inhibit or automatic manoeuvring (e.g. raise bucket) away from the intended object. It also covers collision warning and avoidance for machine movement caused by the swing/rotation of a machine or parts of a machine. There are two factors that increase the collision risk level (CRL) of a stationary rotation machine and this document deals with those cases: — when there is a risk of collision due to the presence of a stationary intended object before the start of machine rotation, and/or — when the intended object itself moves and comes towards the machine before the start of the motion and increases the risk of collision. Therefore, this document describes two types of collision risk levels (CRL): "rotation angle with stationary intended object" and "distance between the stationary machine and the moving intended object". The system described in this standard is intended to assist the operator of the machine. The responsibility for safe operation of the machine remains with the machine operator. This document is not applicable to collision warning and collision avoidance systems installed/manufactured before the date of its publication.

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