ISO 17225-8
ISO 17225-8


This document determines the fuel quality classes and specifications of graded densified solid biofuels produced from thermally treated biomass for commercial and industrial use. Thermal treatment includes processes such as torrefaction, steam explosion, hydrothermal carbonization and charring, all of which represent different exposure to heat, oxygen, steam or water. This document covers pellets and briquettes produced from the following raw materials (see ISO 17225-1, Table 1): — 1. Woody biomass; — 2. Herbaceous biomass; — 3. Fruit biomass; — 4. Aquatic biomass; — 5. Blends and mixtures. Subcategories of the above stated raw materials are also included. This document does not consider products, which are marketed as charcoal or as charcoal products. For these products, ISO 17225-1, Table 14 shall apply.

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  •  : ISO/TC 238 Biocombustibles solides
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    27.190 Sources biologiques et autres sources d'énergie alternatives
    75.160.40 Biocombustibles

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