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By Barnaby Lewis
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It's been almost three years since we re-launched ISO.org on an all-new platform. Since that time, we've attracted record numbers of visitors, but at ISO things never stand still. Find out what we've changed, and why.

Like the International Standards that are at the heart of what we do, we're constantly looking for the best way to do things. Driven by changes in technology that influence browsing habits, the rise of higher-definition screens, the growing popularity of hand-held devices, and wider access to faster networks, including 4- and now 5G, we've updated our site, with a focus on improved accessibility and a more dynamic user-experience.

Designed and built entirely in-house using an open-source platform, ISO's Web team leader, Luigi Principi, says that the number one priority was improving accessibility. When the site was re-launched in 2016, it was already high on the agenda, taking into account the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a standards organization that works in cooperation with ISO. The organization, which was established by Tim Berners Lee, one of the founding fathers of the Internet, gives guidance that enables website developers to make their sites more accessible to all, especially people who are visually impaired.

Lionel Egger, the lead Web designer at ISO explains some of the changes to the new site: "We've tried to create a clean and uncluttered experience that not only gives our site a contemporary look, but presents information in a more intuitive way.

At the previous launch, we were really trying to ensure adaptability across all devices and to implement the Organization's evolved visual identity. This time around accessibility is the focus. In particular, we've gone for higher contrasts that make it easier for people with poor or partial sight to read."

A quick browse of the newly-refreshed site confirms what Lionel says. Multiple shades of grey have been replaced by red and white contrasts, while headings are clearer than before and offer users a way to navigate up to parent-level pages. It makes it far more intuitive for users to understand where they are, how they arrived there, and how to access information about the standards that are most relevant to them.

Luigi Principi

We've focused on accessibility and at the same time created a site that highlights the positive impact of standards across all parts of life through bigger, bolder visuals.

Luigi Principi, Web team leader at ISO

We hope you like what you see. Browse ISO.org and experience a refreshing new skin that brings you the same up-to-the-minute developments in standardization, in-depth articles in ISOfocus magazine and access to the ISO store, as well as those of our global members, to find the standards that will help your organization to work better. 


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