• Менеджер комитета:
    Mr Sam Gnaniah
  • Менеджер ИСО по техническим программам [TPM]:
    Mr Antoine Morin
  • Дата создания : 1998

Область деятельности

The Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards was conceived in 1982. The main objective of VAMAS is to support trade in high technology products, through international collaborative projects aimed at providing the technical basis for drafting codes of practice and specifications for advanced materials. The scope of the collaboration embraces all agreed aspects of science and technology concerned with advanced materials, including materials technology, test methods, design methods and materials databases that are required as a precursor to the drafting of standards.

VAMAS activity emphasises collaboration on prestandards measurement research, intercomparison of test results, and consolidation of existing views on priorities for standardization. As a result of these activities VAMAS provides an internationally harmonized methodology that may be taken as recommendations to the standards development organizations, thereby fostering the development of agreed and workable standards for advanced materials.

ISO and VAMAS have concluded a Memorandum of Understanding under which ISO may publish Technology Trends Assessments (TTAs) based on the work of VAMAS.

The ISO/TTA series of publications was established to respond to the need for global collaboration on standardization questions at early stages of technological innovation. ISO has decided to publish such documents to promote the harmonization of the objectives of ongoing prestandardization work with those of new initiatives in the research and development environment. It is intended that TTAs will contribute towards rationalization of technological choice prior to market entry.

Further information on VAMAS can be found on the VAMAS Web site.

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