ISO/CD TS 17117-3
Health informatics — Terminological resources — Part 3: Terminology Implementation maturity model (TIMM)
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ISO/CD TS 17117-3
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ISO/CD TS 17117-3
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This Technical Specification uses the implementation capability definition (provided in ISO 17117-2 currently in development to model the maturity of terminology implementation in healthcare systems and identifies from that capability a maturity module for terminology implementation for used in EHRs and healthcare systems in general. This work would be the third of a three-part set of documents. Part 1: Terminological Resources – Characteristics (ISO 17117-1) Part 2: Terminology Implementation Capability (TIC) (at DTS) Part 3: Terminology Implementation Maturity Model (TIMM) Defines the progression of implementation of terminology capability in information systems. The maturity model helps vendors, implementers, project leaders and decision makers to: • Benchmark where their organization, data collection or product stands in relation to others with respect to terminology implementation. • Assess the areas of strength and performance gaps in implementations. • Identify specific steps that might be taken to close gaps and move to the next stage of maturity. • Communicate progress to the broader community and within the organization. The document will consider maturity for two key use cases. • patient care. This includes direct patient care, such as the use of terminologies in health records and clinical decision support systems including specification of maturity for minimal safe clinical practice to best practice. • Administrative or statistical data collection.

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